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Strange Surrealistic Occurrences...

Howdy Ya'll,

My coon hound Sandymae and I were coming home from a nice hunt about 3:00 am last night. Walking along a fenceline and almost home.
We had been at the coon creek camp,
on the south end of the mile long wooded slope along ten mile creek, where it meets the lower 'Coon'.
Sandy had tried real hard to make one paticular coon-cat
stay treed but to no avail,
it was an evening of 'jump-outs'.

I had followed several solid sounding calls for artillery, {me} but to no avail either.
And had remained at camp from 11:00 till about 3:00 just drinking my homebrew,
'Mein Seiben und Acht Pfund Hammerbier'.
Listening to the fire and the night sounds.

About that time Sandy came to camp and said:
"That coon wouldn't stay in one tree
and I can't find any others,
we may as well go home and try again tomorrow night."
"yeah", I said,

"its late girl, lets go home,"

we let the fire burn down,
I picked up my light and my gun and we left.

We were walking along this old fenceline headed north when we came to the corner where I usually climb over the fence.
I climbed on the log which was besided the fence.
Held the fence post with my left and my rifle with my right, stepped over the fence and as I shifted my weight BOOM!
I don't know what happened but I had not gotten entangled in the fence, so I was ok.
I was on my back on the ground and I remember thinkijng.
Good I missed that damn fence!
I stood up and still had my gun of course as I fell protecting 'her'.
I looked around and I swear!
I didn't see anything familar.
I have lived here 23 years and it was as if I had stepped out of a time machine in some other country and in some other time.
I did not even know which way home was.
I was lost!

I stood there in the woods with a profoundly strange feeling.
I didn't see a landmark, I just stood there.
Its like opening the dictionary, intent on looking up the spelling of a word.
Looking and looking and you realize,
" How can I look up the spelling of a word if I can't spell the damn word!"
I felt like I had opened my eyes in some woods a thousand miles from my farm.
It was overcast and I had no reference point to even begin to find my way home with.
I was just standing there in the woods at 3:00,
and I was even out of homebrew!
I can't explain it but it was really weird.
I made it home somehow I am writing this ain't I?
But I need to be more careful out in the woods at night.
Maybe carry my flask too.