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Jack the Knife's World Famous Fifth century forge, Knife shop and Skullery

Knives for sale




Boys, here is some rail road spike knives from a couple of winters ago.
And some of the 'junk', knives,
{leaf springs and such}
that the making of them helped me recover from being dern near killed,
{Bad enough to be reported 'dead' by the Lancaster police department the next morning after laying in a ditch all night: ie' "No breath, no pulse, dead!"}
these pictures are 2-3 years old, but at this moment there is 16' of brand new 1095 blade steel out in the shop.
In a few months 70 knives will be ready,
The 1095 high carbon steel, 1/16" thick, skinners,
with red oak, white oak or horse apple handles,
coated with teak oil and a 1/4" thong hole in the butt,
are going for $20.-$30.

Boys, put a piece of surveyor ribbon through the thong hole so as not to loose the knife out in the woods.
{That was written three years ago}
{and now...}
{... three years later}
Here are some fine knives made from 1095 steel,
the same type of steel from which files are made.
Hardened and tempered here in my knife shop on:
'My 25 Acres' to be fine skinners and fightin knives.

And thanks to Masterbladesmith 'Dan' of:
... who taught me how to harden and temper steel.
And who introduced me to old Terry Summers of Admiral steel, from which Dan has been getting his steel from for 25 years. {I ordered another load today.}
I don't think I will be using junk much anymore.

J. Knife

I am working on 70 knives.
{This is X-mas eve 2007.}
70 blades which have been profiled, drilled,
but not heat treated yet.
The first 5, hardened, tempered,
edged, and are the process of being sanded,
'shined up', handled and waxed.
I 'ain't sellin any' but will keep them all
and post pictures on my web site.}
They are mostly all models,
perfect designs,
and I won't sell them till they are duplicated.
When they are built, I actually,
still, won't want to sell them.
They are so much work I can't begin to recover
the years of my life that is in them.
I won't trade them for little green pieces of paper
with pictures of 'deceased notables' on them.
Well, I will sell the ones 'I don't really like'.
I guess that is just being a genius,
poet, author, musician, hunter-trapper, knifemaker.

J. Knife