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Jack the Knife's World Famous Fifth century forge, Knife shop and Skullery

the Skullery


Howdy Ya'll,

These are three fine Texas deer skulls I cleaned for old Wayne Welch. He gave me $200. to clean three deer heads, thats $66.66 each. Hog are only $50. No bleach, no paint,
the skulls are finished in hydrogen peroxide, and not that 3% stuff from the grocery store. But the 20% stuff from the beauty supply,
and I mean $9. a quart!
That after simmering them 3-4 months in a 30 gallon barrel out in my skullery, changing the water every two or three days. When you get your heads back the pope his own self would be proud to serve salad to his friends out of them upsidedown, or drink wine out of the critters nose, they will be that clean.

Guaranteed !!!



Here is 30 gallons of homebrew in the 'former pantry brewery'. And a big ole bottle of Mein Acht Pfund Hammerbier.

Looks good don't it?

Here's some of the best at what they do

My blacksmithing friends and mentors,

check out their web sites and blogs.

Thank you

J. Winters von Knife