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Jack the Knife's World Famous Fifth century forge, Knife shop and Skullery



Welcome to my Cyber-Knife shop.
It's a honor to have ya'll here.

Hand made knives from that hard hunting
old houndsman hunter-trapper.

The kind of knife that you will want
when you really need a knife.

Fighters, skinners, butcher knives or hunters.
Miniture knives, or 'D' guard Bowies.
Knives made in my blacksmith shop,
on 'My 25 Acres' here in Texas and made by me alone.
I love knives and have carried a knife
since the fourth grade,
and still use the first knife I made 20 years ago.
I have lived around here all my life.
And the winter used to run traplines all day
and coon hunt with my hounds all night.
I love knives and understand them,
use them every day.

After being murdered along with all my hounds,
but surviving alone by a real miracle,
I am in a profoundly good position to put something in my
knives no other maker can.

There is hate in my knives,
more hate than most people will ever know,
but it is good hate,
it is hatred for evil and injustice.

Every second, awake or asleep,
for the rest of my life,
I think about my hounds
and the white trash who killed them.
The three brothers who died in the pen two years ago.
And not by the prison but by the inmates,
they were that evil.
Whether at the forge,
one of the grinders or...

Welcome to Jack's Knife shop
and lets get to it.

Thank you

J. Winters von Knife